Why No Square Peg?

The name 'No Square Peg' actually comes from the common phrase, "You can't fit a Square Peg in a round hole". So why name a blog after this common phrase? Who is the Square Peg? What is a Square Peg? And how does this relate to life & fashion? Every woman struggles with a Square Peg (or two) in her life; whether its her job, relationships, clothes, diets, etc. The list goes on. And I am no stranger to the Square Peg. I spent nearly a decade in the corporate world seeking success in a field that left me feeling very unfulfilled.

After many years of trying to be someone I wasn't I finally took the plunge and left my corporate life to pursue my passion for fashion.  One women trying to fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole. Square Pegs weren't just me, they were old items in my closet, my corporate wardrobe I was struggling to part with, or ill-fitting pieces I had purchased. Square Peg's for many women are the jeans that are 2 sizes too small/or too big, the stack of maybe one day clothes on the top shelf of your closet collecting dust, or the must-have trend that you bought at the store but in the wrong size because it was the only one left. We all have them. So I've decided to "Purge the Pegs". Follow along with me on my journey in life, style, and beauty - inside and out. Xoxo, Jena



No Square Peg was founded in April 2015 by Jena Forsberg. 


My vision is simple. I want to impact the way women experience and embrace life through a myriad of channels. I want to encourage them to break rules, barriers, and trends.