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[PoshFest] 2015 // San Francisco, CA

[PoshFest] 2015 // San Francisco, CA

This time last year I was anxiously packing and getting ready for what I expected to be a super fun vacation with 2 of my best girls to San Francisco. What I didn't know was that this trip would plant a seed that would inevitably be the launch of No Square Peg. After having spent 3 years building my PoshMark closet to over 300,000 followers, I really had never thought about how I might be able to turn it into a business. It never occurred to me think of my PoshMark closet as a storefront.

Last year, when I was invited to PoshFest I thought it would be a fun experience and a great tool to network with other Poshers; especially since most of the people I meet in the midwest have never heard of PoshMark. I was so excited to finally be around other ladies that knew about PoshMark, and let me tell you these ladies were EXCITED! 

The day was filled with great panels of women who had found success with PoshMark in their own way. We heard from the CEO, Manish Chandra about the direction of PoshMark and the overall growth of the app since its launch in 2012. But it was the panel entitled 'How I made $150,000 my first year on PoshMark' that got me listening.

These 2 women had started wholesaling using the app and I immediately thought, "Why hadn't I thought of that". After listening to all their success and how they got started I immediately started brainstorming about how I might be able to build a similar business. However, for me it wouldn't be enough to just buy and sell clothing; I knew I would need more.

Then, Tina Starkey walked onto the stage and delivered one of the best talks I'd ever heard. She talked about the emotional connection a women makes with each and every purchase and how we never buy something based on necessity. It all made sense, and she delivered the key to any successful online retail business. I would need to emotionally connect with women in a way that would reach them online, but how. That's when No Square Peg was born.

"I realized that I wanted to help women find freedom with fashion, to embrace the size they are today and to get rid of all the pieces in their closet they no longer wear". 

When women start dressing for their bodies today it brings more freedom in fashion than they could ever imagine. They are finally willing to start trying new things, embracing colors, shapes and prints they never would have considered before. 

Now, just a short year later No Square Peg has launched and I have been invited back to PoshFest as a speaker on their panel entitled, "Building Your Empire Starts With Your Brand". Poshmark is really making strides to grow their retailers using the app with new features in the works. They are also giving away $500 scholarships to users that want to take their closets to the next level.

I am so excited to be apart of such an amazing group of women all trying to impact the world in their own unique way using fashion. Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@nosquarepeg) as I attend the conference this weekend and get all the 'behind the scene' details. I will be recapping my visit to PoshFest and PoshMark HQ next week so stay tuned. 

Xoxo, Jena

Photo Cred: Grace Beck

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