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Ladies, Dresses & LadyBosses

Ladies, Dresses & LadyBosses

Entering the fashion industry was a very scary endeavor for me. One of my biggest fears was not being accepted or embraced by others around me in the industry. I also never really thought I would take the plunge and build something for myself, and in many ways I never personally believed I could.

I had spent years building a career in healthcare surrounded by individuals who had been in the industry far longer than I had. It often left me feeling inadequate and discouraged. These are the same struggles and fears I knew I would have to face in the fashion industry as well building my new business. Oftentimes it seemed like it was going to be a long, uphill battle.

After I left my corporate role behind I purged most everything from my closet that reminded me of my corporate life…a corporate cleansing if you will. I was finally going to be able to enjoy wearing clothes that represented me, that expressed my personality and sense of style instead of some corporate guideline. This new sense of freedom was just what I needed and really empowering.

“If I never have to wear another pair of straight leg black dress pants again with kitten heals, I will be A.O.K.”

I started building the wardrobe that represented me and my body type. After all, its important to dress for who we are today and above all else be confident with who you are and the rest will follow. 

A year and half has now gone by since I left my corporate life behind. Along the way I have met so many amazing people. Women who have inspired, taught, encouraged, and accepted me for who I am. There are days when I look at my life then and now and try to figure out which is better and if I made the right choice. But I still cannot tell you if one is better than the other because there are days when I really miss my old corporate job where there was structure, achievement, and immense success.

Being confident in an industry that is foreign to you is tough. I am learning everything as I go (the hard way) and being ok with that is difficult but also key in order to keep on going. My confidence no longer comes from my professional success or achievements. Instead it comes from the women I meet and who encourage me with my story and mission. It also comes from seeing the change in my own heart and how I see myself.

I am surrounded by amazing women making their way in the world and doing what they love. They are wonderful women of all types; business owners, artists, painters, designers and bloggers. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. You all are so inspiring and such an encouragement to me. 



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