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Introducing a new designer hailing from Australia : The Fifth

Introducing a new designer hailing from Australia : The Fifth

In the coming months you will continue to see the brand list expand at No Square Peg and many of them you will find hail from Australia. The Fifth is one of those labels. I was introduced to The Fifth while attending my very first New York Market Week in April 2015. It was love at first sight as I ran my fingers through the racks of the F/W 2015 collection and I was so excited to place my first order. After viewing the entire collection I was certain I wanted to include this line in the opening No Square Peg. As new styles from designer start to arrive I thought it would be good to give you all a background on the line. 

The Brand Self-Described: 

THE•FIFTH[LABEL] is an Australian women's clothing brand morphing high fashion with bold street wear tailored for the modern era.

At its core, The Fifth Label emanates versatility. Through its use of original prints and an accessible colour palette, The Fifth support a laid back sensibility to clothing with a focus on quality and wearability. From the monthly ranges of paired back essentials to statement pieces, styles from The Fifth can be used as the bass notes to any wardrobe. 

The brand launched in June 2014 with its debut collection Undercurrent and has garnered quite the cult-following. As the brand has grown, they have continued to stay true to their roots by updating basic styles with exclusive prints and  maintaining their easy-to-wear silhouettes. The line is adaptable, effortless, and youthful. The Fifth releases 2 exclusive prints with every collection which means that you will not see that same print with any other designer. 

Why is The Fifth Label so cool?

The Fifth girl is super confident and a bit of a tomboy but is also a little girly at heart. With exclusive print placement on t-shirts and easy-to-wear dresses, the clothes are versatile and comfortable to wear. The Fifth girl wants to look polished but still be comfortable.

I hope you enjoy the newest addition to No Square Peg and expect to more from them in the coming weeks!





Jumping on the 'Capsule Wardrobe' Bandwagon, well kinda

Jumping on the 'Capsule Wardrobe' Bandwagon, well kinda