Welcome to No Square Peg. I want to impact the way women experience and embrace life through a myriad of channels. I want to encourage them to break rules, barriers, and trends.

On a Mission to Break Rules, Barriers & Trends

On a Mission to Break Rules, Barriers & Trends

When I left my corporate career last year, I took a lot time to think about what I wanted to do next. So, I got a job at a local boutique and started styling for women in the area. I wanted to help them find their own personal style and encourage them to get comfortable with who they are today. As more women started asking me to style for them a common theme was revealed. 

I would walk into each women’s closet and their eyes would immediately fill up with remorse and shame. There was a story behind every article of clothing they'd purchased and either failed to wear or no longer fit. I couldn't believe how many women struggled with this and after hearing just about every rule in the book I realized why it could be so hard for women to get dressed in the morning. 

I immediately want to change this.

If all you hear is, "you can't wear that, you're too old, that skirt is too short, that dress is too tight, if you wear this you must wear that, your belt must match your shoes, don't mix prints, don't wear brown or navy with black..," then you need to start breaking some rules.

How could their really be this many rules in Fashion anyway?
How are these rules effecting the way we see ourselves?
Are these rules evidence of the way we see ourselves and bodies already?

I ask these questions genuinely because I too have been effected by these rules. I grew up with very low self-esteem and now end my 20's still working on this area in my life. I still wake up every day and have to love and accept myself right where I'm at which is not easy.

"I rarely look in the mirror and think, well you look good today." 

We so often want to think ahead and live for the moment's when we've lost weight because then and only then will we be satisfied with ourselves. This is simply not true and a barrier to viewing ourselves in a healthy way. Goals are great and I encourage women to set them, but we shouldn't accept ourselves solely on whether or not we achieve them. We should accept ourselves for trying and leave the rest at the door. Life is way to short to carry that big of a burden. 

"I want to encourage women to ‘dress for today and dress for who they are now’. To me, fashion is about living outside the box and saying to hell with what anyone else thinks."

When I was thinking of the mission for the store I really thought hard about why I am passionate about fashion. Fashion for me is the only thing in my life that hasn't been effected by my past. Even with low self-esteem I am not afraid to express myself through the clothes I wear. I never think, I can't wear that anymore because I'm too old or I can't wear white to a wedding. I just don't care about those things.

Fashion can be about expressing and showing the world who you are so there should be no rules or barriers that keep you from expressing that. I finally realized that my mission for the store and my career in fashion would be about changing the way women experience and embrace fashion.

No Square Peg is on a mission to step outside the box, Break Rules, shed Barriers, and forgo Trends. The road to conquering the fashion world is taken one step at a time, join us. 

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