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How attending PoshFest has shaped No Square Peg

How attending PoshFest has shaped No Square Peg

PoshFest was held in downtown San Francisco which just happens to be one of my top 5 favorite cities. To me, San Francisco has all the beauty of the west coast mixed with a little NYC hustle. This year I was invited to speak on a panel and I got to visit PoshMark HQ and attend several Posh Parties. The weekend was jam packed to say the least. 

San Francisco and PoshMark HQ

Our first day was spent in the north bay enjoying the expansive vistas of the Golden Gate bridge and stopped at a local taco and tequila joint called Cojitas in Sausalito. (Tip: If you get the chance, order the Ceviche Trio and Pork Belly Tacos - they will BLOW your mind.) If you didn't already know, San Francisco has amazing food that isn't in short supply. So, with the recommendation from our friends at Cojitas we enjoyed an amazing meal of French Vietnamese colonial food at Le Colonial. Its this 2-story building tucked back in an alley and if you didn’t know where it was you’d never find it. Food was not the only highlight on this trip, the views and sunsets certainly left an impression. We visited Land’s End park to catch an amazing sunset that literally took my breath away.

I am very moved by God’s great creation…it often moves me to tears because I am overwhelmed by beauty. 

Our last day was filled with a long drive in the rain down to PoshMark HQ where we toured the campus to see where all the PoshLOVE happens. We talked more about PoshMark’s growth in the retail space and how they plan to expand the platform by offering retailers a ‘wholesale portal’ and access to buying exclusive brands using the app. I think what impressed me most was not the headquarters or the decor but the fact that CEO Manish Chandra does not have his own office. His desk is just another in a vast sea of desks and I’ll never forget that. Our final stop on this adventure was to Half Moon Bay (a favorite) where we had an epic meal at the Ritz Carlton and strolled the coast just in time to catch a rainbow as the showers receded.  


PoshFest was a two-day event packed with panels, parties and poshlove. Our morning started with a round of ‘speed dating’ which was a meet-and-great with Poshers new and old. We heard from Manish about the future of Postmark their continued focus on growing the social community and expanding what it means to show PoshLove. Their growth in areas of mentorship, styling, and supporting our fellow Poshers. This happens through sharing, empowering and encouraging them to make PoshMark an app that brings women together in love.

Last year was my defining moment when I listened to Tina Starkey explain how women emotionally connect to each purchase they make. It was then that I found my place in fashion and decided to start my own store. Returning to PoshFest this year as a speaker I wanted to share what I learned last year and how I used that knowledge to build my business. Speaking on the panel ‘Building Your Brand’ was to perfect opportunity to explain how you brand is a reflection of you and what you stand for. Days before the event I found myself getting really nervous partly because I was telling myself, "you should be nervous."

It wasn’t until the day of the panel that I had this epiphany, I thought to myself, “if you can’t speak to these women from your heart about what fashion means to you then you have no business being up here.”

It was at that moment when I realized I was exactly where I am supposed to be in my life. I have quit my nearly 10 year career in healthcare and for the first time since I feel like I made the right choice. There will be no more looking back…wondering “did I make the right choice”. I am confident that I have made the right choice. 


I met so many women during this adventure but I didn’t expect was to meet so many women just trying to make a difference just like I was. Each one with a unique mission on how they want to impact the fashion industry. They not only left their mark on me but on the world...and that makes me so proud. These women are entrepreneurs and PoshMark has brought them a platform that enables them to create a business that works with their lives. Ladies, you ARE inspiring and I will not forget you. 



Here I am, raw and unadulterated.

Here I am, raw and unadulterated.

On a Mission to Break Rules, Barriers & Trends

On a Mission to Break Rules, Barriers & Trends