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'Purge the Peg' Part II : Katie Ryan of QueeniKatheeni Designs

'Purge the Peg' Part II : Katie Ryan of QueeniKatheeni Designs

Katie has an incredible talent as a fashion illustrator. She is an amazing artist and has her own online shop with Fashion Prints, Paintings, Cards, Phone Cases and more. She is also commissioned for custom prints, paintings and branding projects so feel free to reach out to her or purchase some of her gorgeous artwork at www.qkshop.bigcartel.com. 


'Purge the Peg' part II: Every Women has Square Pegs in their Closet

Good Morning Lovelies! Picking back up on my 6-week series of 'Purge the Peg' I asked a good friend of mine Katie Ryan to search through her closet and talk about her Square Pegs. She and I are so similar, so I personally wanted to know what her Square Pegs might be and what she thinks about them. Like many women Katie is no stranger to the Square Peg. Here's what she had to say about the Square Peg's in her life.

(NSP) I believe that every woman has at least one square peg in their closet, what are your square pegs? (QK) Like most women, I have a few. I bought this strapless top that I adored at the time and it zips all the way up the back. It doesn't fit me and I bought it anyway. I also have several pairs of jeans that no longer fit me and they just sit there in my closet. 

(NSP) How long have you had these square pegs in your closet? (QK) I have had the top for a few months and the jeans for a few years.   

(NSP) Do any of these pieces have some significance to you or do they represent a certain time in your life? if so would you share what that might be? (QK) The jeans remind me of college, a time that makes me very nostalgic. I was much more fit from running track competitively and I think there will always be a part of me that will think I will be able to get in a workout routine like that again.

(NSP) What has kept you from getting rid of these pieces in the past? How have you rationalized keeping them? (QK) Like I said above, it usually has something to do with me thinking that I will get fit enough to wear them sometime soon. Wishful thinking, really.

(NSP) What made you decide to ‘Purge the Peg’ today? (QK) Recently, I purged the pegs in my closet because I decided that those things don't make me happy. I approached it as "refining my closet." Like a lot of women, I have the hardest time cleaning out my closet, but I thought if I approached it as more of defining my style and really narrowing down what items needed to go and which ones I adore and wear time and time again, I could become a better shopper.  

(NSP) My philosophy as a stylist has been if you can’t wear it out of the store, don’t buy it. Why do you think so many women buy things they have to loose weight for? They certainly don’t buy things they have to gain weight for. (QK) I would say it's mostly negative body image and wishful thinking. I try not to ever buy things that don't fit me because it doesn't make sense and I just don't have the budget to buy things I'm not going to wear. I think it's so important to buy things you feel good about yourself in. It's just going to sit in your closet otherwise.

(NSP) Lastly, do you have other Square Pegs in your life that you would care to share about? How were you able to identify them and how do they impact your life today? (QK) There are all kinds of square pegs in my life though, whether they are clothing or not. I tend to put a lot of ridiculous expectations on myself in life in general. For example, I'm very tall (5'10") and I have strong legs from being a sprinter for the majority of my life. I have always thought I don't look good in short skirts and dresses because of my thick legs, but I absolutely love wearing that kind of thing so I have just decided to wear them. If it makes me happy and that's what I feel comfortable in, then I should wear those items. I was so worried about what other people thought about my legs and at the end of the day, I don't really care what they think anyway. 

(NSP) Now that you have identified these square pegs, what do you plan to do with them? (QK) I will be "purging the pegs" and donating/selling the square pegs in my wardrobe. I actually can't wait to do this because they are sitting in bags in my closet taking up so much space. 

Just like so many women Katie's admission about putting ridiculous expectations on herself hits home for me. I too put crazy expectations on myself, whether its how much I think I can get done in a day (my husband laughs when I tell him everything on my to-do list for a Saturday) or hoping and praying that I would be happy with my body. The reality is that 'enough is never enough' for me. If I actually got through my Saturday list I'd just add more to it and if I ever felt happy with my body I'd likely just eat a cheeseburger and then feel guilty afterward. Sabotage right? Expectations are good but make them realistic for you and your lifestyle. I take this approach with styling, we build a wardrobe that is right for my clients body type and lifestyle so it will well for them. 

I am not finished 'Purging the Pegs' in my life but I am thankful that I have begun and thats good enough for now. Growth comes with time and accountability. I have such an amazing support system made up of individuals I never thought would be family to me. Thanks all for your continued support of my dreams and stay tuned next week as we review the Top 10 Fall and Winter Trends



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