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'Purge the Peg' Part I: Every Women has a Square Peg in their Closet

'Purge the Peg' Part I: Every Women has a Square Peg in their Closet

Every women, in my opinion has at least one 'square peg' in their closet and/or life that they just can't seem to part with. Whether it's a pair a jeans at least 2 sizes to small or that pair of discount heels that are just a half size off. Every women has one. We all can't seem to pass up those bargain deals or give up the jeans that once fit. Why is that? To shed some light on these questions, I am kicking off a 6-week series of blog posts called, 'Purge the Peg' where women identify square pegs in their closet and lives. I have chosen several women that come from different lifestyles, incomes, and ages that will enter their closets and start pulling out these dust gathering pieces and finally get rid of them. 

Our first young women is a new friend of mine, Maggie Nelson. She is a young entrepreneur whom I was fortunate enough to meet at a Rally Cry event a couple months back. We connected over the fact that we both have left our corporate lives behind to start our own businesses. After we got to talking Maggie confessed to having several 'Square Pegs' in her closet that she needed to get rid of. So naturally I asked her to participate in our 'Purge the Peg' series. I hope you enjoy our Q&A session. 


(NSP) I believe that every woman has at least one square peg in your closet, what are your square pegs? (Maggie) I have many! Too-tight skirts and dresses from my college days that are collecting dust in my closet, and a pair of jeans that I keep around "just in case". But my one true square peg is a pair of patterned pants that are too small. 

(NSP) How long have you had these square pegs in your closet? (Maggie) I bought the patterned pants about six months ago and have had the other square pegs for years.

(NSP) Do any of these pieces have some significance to you or do they represent a certain time in your life? if so would you share what that might be?(Maggie) No, actually. Most are from my college days but none were particularly expensive or hold any sentimental value.

(NSP) What has kept you from getting rid of these pieces in the past? How have you rationalized keeping them? (Maggie) I keep thinking that there will come a day where I will need that dress or skirt from college (that day will never come). I also kept the patterned pants around hoping I'd drop a few pounds and be able to rock them comfortably. But mostly, I think I just haven't had the heart to go through my closet and purge all of the pieces that no longer fit my body or lifestyle. 

(NSP) What made you decide to ‘Purge the Peg’ today? (Maggie) No Square Peg, of course! To be honest, I didn't even realize how many square pegs I had until you and I started talking about all of the junk that most women keep in their closets. 

(NSP) My philosophy as a stylist has been if you can’t wear it out of the store, don’t buy it. Why do you think so many women buy things they have to loose weight for? They certainly don’t buy things they have to gain weight for. (Maggie) For me, I see pieces on other people that I like and will buy them thinking they will look good on my body type, too. I also am a sucker for sales and will buy something just because it's a good deal even if it's not my size (aka the patterned pants). Then, I will justify the purchase by saying something like, "these will fit great after a few weeks in the gym." Which never happens.

(NSP) Do you have other Square Pegs in your life that you would care to share about? How were you able to identify them and how do they impact your life today?(Maggie) Yes! I actually just left a job that was a very large square peg in my life. I became a pretty miserable human to be around and found myself disinterested in many of the things I used to love. That's when I knew it was time to move on to other things, even if it meant being uncomfortable or uncertain for a while. And I would take those two things over unhappiness any day.

(NSP) What do you plan to do with your Square Pegs? (Maggie) I will be trying to sell/consign my printed pants and donating the rest of the items. 

(NSP) Anything else you care to share about this process, comments or thoughts. (Maggie) My new shopping philosophy - thanks to No Square Peg and my budget as a new business owner - is that if the piece is not a "hell yes!" when I try it on, then it's a "no". 

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of 'Purge the Peg' and maybe it will inspire you to start purging your pegs. 



How can we feel confident in today's fashion world?

How can we feel confident in today's fashion world?