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So Many Trends, too Little Budget

So Many Trends, too Little Budget

  Top Trends for Fall 2015  (Image: Harpers Bazaar.com)

Top Trends for Fall 2015  (Image: Harpers Bazaar.com)

Trends, Trends and More Trends....

Every season designers showcase their talents and creativity by revealing their new collections during fashion weeks around the world. When I preview the new collections I see dozens of past trends being reinvented in new ways or new ones being born. What is a fashion trend? With so many new trends being shown each season how do I decide on the top trends for the season? Why should I care about trends, especially if I'm not trendy? 

Truth about Trends

A fashion trend is a look, style, color, print, cut, or fabric that is shown across multiple designers collections. Its the fashion communities way of telling the buyers, retailers, and general public what is HOT this season. Trends can be old or new (you will never see a trend twice however, its always being updated in some way). Some trends stick around for several seasons and others fade out after just one season. Once a trend is shown and popularized it will go from runway to department store being reproduced and inspired by the original runway look (whether it be color or cut). So how do we decide which trend will stay and which will go?

I would say the best rule of thumb is look for repetition across designers. Some trends have staying power and others don't so its definitely wise to take notice and choose wisely. Chances are if multiples designers are taking inspiration from a specific trend the more likely it is to be shown in multiple seasons. You don't have to tackle every trend of the season, in fact pick just a few that can slide into your style well and if you are a risk taker try one that might push you out of your comfort zone ever-so-slightly.

Even if you are not a trendy person, you can still take inspiration from this season's trends. I suggest sticking to some of the classic that have been updated for the season or adding a classic piece thats been updated with this season's it-color. Ever season you will see classic silhouettes updated so even if you aren't a trendy person you will see your classic pieces made popular again so you know what to pull back out of the closet. It's true 'everything comes back', but never exactly the same. So here is my Top 10 Fall /Winter Trends. 

Top 10 Trends for Fall / Winter 2015

Minimalism, simple clean long lines, monochromatic, bare shoulders and limited accessories

1970’s, there is a soft spot in my heart for the sweater vest and I am happy its back with high-waisted jeans/skirts/shorts and suede.

Oversized Safari Pockets, this is the perfect trend to invest in, you'll see it again this spring all over jackets, skirts and shorts. 

Layers of Grey, I have never met a grey I didn't like, layer up on hues of grey. This menswear inspired look is a great way to get both trends this season. 

The Midi, The midi length is practical and versatile. Trends have never been so functional. Try the midi length in boots, skirts, pants and coats. They are going anywhere so you'll see this length in SS16 so consider transition pieces with this trend.

Luxe Leather, soft subtle leather is in whether its in the details or full length skirts you'll see it everywhere. Pull out your vintage leather vest and layer it with plaid and midi skirt.

Mad About Plaid, fall is iconic for plaid. Whether you wanna try this season's box check print or  you sticking with the classic plaid you'll be right on trend. 

Capes in all Shapes, another trend that you will see season after season. You'll see caped jackets a lot this season thanks to amazing style of Kerry Washington via the TV series Scandel.   

Skirts or Dresses over Pants, skip the tunics this season and try a cozy sweater or sweatshirt dress over those cropped pants and be right on trend. Keep the layers thin without added to much bulk. 

Cozy Furs, as the temperatures drop the Furs will come out and they are oversized. You'll see everything from patchwork, leopard or classic neutrals this season. Try a chic stole for Fall. 


Hopefully you found this helpful ladies, and happy shopping this fall season! 



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