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'Purge the Peg' Part III : Fashion Blogger Jennifer Lien of 'Treble and Lace'

'Purge the Peg' Part III : Fashion Blogger Jennifer Lien of 'Treble and Lace'

All Photos provided by Treble and Lace // To visit her Fashion Blog visit www.trebleandlace.com


After a couple months of trying to coordinate schedules, I had the great opportunity of sitting down with Jennifer Lien a few weeks back after finding her on Instagram. After checking out her Fashion Blog : Treble and Lace I was immediately impressed with her style, all of her looks are accessible for all women in the midwest. With fun pops of color and chic but causal style, her looks are ageless and fun. We had talked for awhile about collaborating on some level and I was so excited that she was interested in doing a Q&A about 'Purging the Peg'. We literally talked for over 2 hours while sipping Spyhouse Coffee. During that time we got to know each other better and I shared my story about quitting my corporate career to start an online store (my biggest Square Peg). As I was leaving that afternoon I walked away thinking that whatever she writes will no doubt be honest and insightful. When I read her responses this weekend I was not disappointed. Jennifer spoke to my own heart in so many ways, such as feeling the need to live up to and at time surpass the expectations that you yourself have inadvertently set for yourself through others. When you set such high standards people naturally expect more of you, and it can be exhausting trying to keep up with yourself. I have always said that I am not a competitive person (however when it comes to me, I am always trying to outdo myself). I hope you all are moved by her honesty, and encouraged by her insight. Enjoy!

Every Women has a Square Peg in Her Life

(NSP) I believe that every woman has at least one square peg in your closet, what are your square pegs?  (JL) I wish I only had one! My closet is unfortunately, full of square pegs. The biggest culprits of hanging onto items that are not meant for my life right now are nostalgia and guilt. I am a very nostalgic person and sometimes that has set me back from living in the present. I feel guilt over unworn items, especially the ones that cost a lot. Lastly, there are clothes that are just not meant for my body in general, but I was delusional and bought them, and can’t get rid of them.

(NSP) How long have you had these square pegs in your closet?   (JL) Too long! My oldest piece that I don’t wear is probably 10 years old.

(NSP) Do any of these pieces have some significance to you or do they represent a certain time in your life? if so would you share what that might be?   (JL) Definitely – they all have emotional attachments and represent good memories and relationships. Some of the clothes I wore when I studied abroad in Hong Kong remind me of a very happy and adventurous time in my life. I think it was my coming-of-age moment. However, my body was a lot different in those years, and now all of the clothes are too big for me. Then there are items that were given to me by someone, and it is surprisingly difficult to get rid of gifts from special people.

(NSP) What has kept you from getting rid of these pieces in the past? How have you rationalized keeping them?   (JL) Memories. I am a master of rationalization! Maybe the fact that I have space in my closet and I’m not causing too much damage by keeping them.

(NSP) What made you decide to ‘Purge the Peg’ today?   (JL) As cheesy as it sounds, I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life. I am getting married this October and moving into an apartment with my future-husband. The apartment is small and the closet space does me no favors, so it’s the perfect push to get me to purge the peg.

(NSP) My philosophy as a stylist has been if you can’t wear it out of the store, don’t buy it. Why do you think so many women buy things they have to lose weight for? They certainly don’t buy things they have to gain weight for.   (JL) We’re more into idealistic than realistic. Women have this idea of who they SHOULD be based on the media, society, and even their loved ones sometimes. Almost every woman I know wishes they were thinner, and it’s shocking, considering some of them are size 0 already. We have been conditioned to think less of ourselves and it is heart-wrenching.  

(NSP) Lastly, do you have other Square Pegs in your life that you would care to share about? How were you able to identify them and how do they impact your life today?   (JL) Saying yes to everything. This is something that inhibits me; It’s all of the things that I feel I “should” do, but don’t necessarily want to. People see me as a busy person who gets a lot done, is social, and executes a plan well. It can be a lot to live up to and it tends to overwhelm me. And that’s when I identify it, when I’m at a breaking point and want to quit. I would like to bid those expectations adieu.

(NSP) What will you do with your square pegs now?   (JL) I’m going to acknowledge the presence and impact they have had on my life, and then, say “sayonara!”

(NSP) Anything else you care to share about this process, comments or thoughts.    (JL) Getting rid of square pegs and curating my closet to fit me, in my life, right now, is a very freeing experience. You get to let go of emotions stored in threads. You let go of illusions and expectations. You accept the person you are and you love you for you, which is one of the hardest relationships to nurture in this life! 


Thanks all for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and find encouragement from her words! 



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