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Want to turn your closet into Cash? I did, and I've earned nearly $30,000.

Want to turn your closet into Cash? I did, and I've earned nearly $30,000.

 Image Source:  stylizimoblog.com  

Image Source: stylizimoblog.com 

Regretfully I have to admit that I am a chronic purger, meaning I never hold onto things. You will never see me on the reality show 'Hoarders' for having too much stuff. So cleaning out my closet is fairly painless - I just don't get attached to things. It's likely because I spent years as a child moving from place to place always packing up things and then unpacking them again. So naturally when moving we tend to purge. My husband must live in fear of one of his favorite things disappearing one day and occasionally jokes about the time I sold his stereo on Craigslist after "we talked about whether we needed it" and just like that it was gone. 

I take this approach to my closet as well - which many friends find strange since I am stylist so one would expect an expansive closet. But I am just not that way.

 Image Source:  thegirlinthephoto.com

Image Source: thegirlinthephoto.com

My philosophy for my closet is, "if you don't love it, get rid of it". 

I find that if I don't absolutely love something I just don't wear it. Which means its taking up space in my closet and cash out of my wallet. I will admit that I thought twice about the items I was getting rid of when I'd bring them to a local consignment shop. To be honest, I rarely had a good experience whether it be selling things to a resale shop or consigning.

I always felt like my things were disappearing, getting donated, or never getting the cash I'd hoped for.

I actually stopped consigning altogether after awhile because of my frustrations with the process but then the clothes started piling up. And for someone who is a purger this started bringing on a mountain of anxiety. I started dreaming up ways of how to sell my clothes like having pop-up 'Shop My Closet' sales. It wasn't until 2012 when a Facebook notification came across my feed that my prayers were finally answered and it felt the clouds had parted and gates of fashion heaven had opened. These simple words...."Turn your closet into cash, with PoshMark". 

Immediately I downloaded the app and starting listing things right away. It was thrilling. The app was so new at that time and it had only been released in late 2011 so at the time there were less than 50,000 users nationwide. The interface was so simple and easy to use and it met my needs in every way. I got to sell my own items, create the listings and decide what to price them at. The best part was I got to decide what to sell them for and when to discount them. The items never had to leave my closet and I could still wear them if I wanted. No more, lugging my clothes to a shop and getting them dirty by the time it reached the store. It was such a hassle. Now I could sell my clothes from the comforts of my own home. 

After 4 years of using the app I have sold nearly 600 items (of my own and others) and earned close to $30,000.

So to say it's a worthwhile app is an understatement. Who could possibly look at those numbers and think...yeah it's not worth my time. 

So, how do you get started? Simple. Download the app. Read through the 3 step process here and you are on your way. It's seriously that simple. There are so many tips and tricks on how to become a power Posher or just improve the overall look of your closet so its more appealing to customers. 

This isn't only a great place to sell things from your closet, its also a great place to shop and socialize with other women. PoshMark has a very diverse group of users and so many women have forged great relationships whether it be your stylemate or just another mom trying to make a little extra spending cash. The app is all about Love and Fashion and a love for fashion. Honestly, once you get started and make your first sale, you'll wonder why you hadn't done it before.  

To read more about my success using the app check out an article by Levo.com where I am featured as one of 3 power poshing women earning 5 figures using the app. Link to article here.

Thanks for following along, and always I'd love to hear from you so speak up and tell me what you think!



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