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What Every Generation Should Know About Fashion & Style

What Every Generation Should Know About Fashion & Style

After 3 years of styling women, I have experienced and learned a lot about what women think about fashion. I have seen a 2 year waltz into her closet and pick out her Elsa dress and pull it over her head without a care in the world that she's worn it 4 days in a row. And yet, her mother is terrified of entering her closet out of fear of what others might think of the clothes she wears or how she looks in those clothes. So, how do we go from gliding into our closet uninhibited as a child to being full blown scared to make a decision about the clothes we wear? I think as we get older our fear of man gets stronger and the more we start to judge others and be judged ourselves. It funny though, when we get into the latter stages of life do we finally start to let go of our fear of man and become our true selves again. So, I'd like to speak to each generation on how to embrace freedom with Fashion & Style. 

 Photo: ANDREW ECCLES for Redbook Magazine

Photo: ANDREW ECCLES for Redbook Magazine

Little Ladies

To the parents who are raising these beautiful little ladies, please allow them to explore fashion through their eyes. Now, this is not me telling you how to parent your child (because I am not qualified) but embracing style is about exploring the possibilities and there is no better person to explore possibilities then a young child. Their imagination is so free and uninhibited and the freedom they have is endless. I love looking at children when they are picking out outfits because its all about desire and imagination. They have no self-control or fears of what other people will think - its the most free they will ever be so let them enjoy it and maybe take a lesson from their playbook on this. 

Tweens & Teens

This is such a tough and awkward stage for most young girls. Emotions are high and self-awareness is starting to develop. They struggle with their place in the world and for self-preservation they start copying their more self-assured friends fashion & style. This is the time when we experience the most physical change in our lives and its a challenge to say the least. I can speak from experience that these were some of the most troubling years of my life. So, how do you find solace in being different, unique, or just yourself? My best advice for this age is to remember who you are and the things that interest you and let your style come from that. Dare to be different. 

"And dress for your age, I know how bad you want to grow up faster than you are."

20's & Early 30's

Finally, you've arrived. No more high school and we hope no more drama. You can wear whatever you want and you can buy your own clothes. Oh boy, now YOU have to buy your own clothes. And FYI clothes are expensive, even the cheap ones. So what to do? Thankfully style isn't about how much you spend on the clothes you wear. Take styles cues from current trends and curate a closet with thrifted/resale finds and inexpensive fast fashion boutiques. It's not until your late 20's and early 30's that I would suggest really starting to invest in your wardrobe with some more expensive staples. Why? Because your style will evolve over time and why spend top dollar on something you may not love in a few years and don't have the budget to throw down 100's of dollars on. Also, this is the best age to experiment with style, colors, patterns and prints and find out what you like. Try it all and most of all have fun and be fearless. 

Late 30's, 40's & 50's

Scared you bit that I am lumping these two together, huh? Well, the reality is that once we hit about 35 we have entered into a new season of life (for most of us anyway). We've established ourselves in a career, some of us are on our second career and we need a wardrobe that will function in our daily lives. In our during this tim we go through body changes like having children so we need a wardrobe that is functional in that lifestyle (and Lululemon can't be our go-to ladies, I don't care how cute it is - it should stay at the gym). We also start developing levels of insecurities we thought we got over after high school. Why? Well life has it's pressures and staying healthy and thin only gets harder with age. Just remember that your clothes have nothing to do with how you feel about yourself, so focus on the real issue which is how you see yourself. This is the time to start investing in your wardrobe, purchasing pieces that will stand the test of time, are well made, and cut for a women's figure. 

 Photo:  yahoo.com

Photo: yahoo.com

60's and Beyond

Some say these are some of the best years of life. Finally, you've gotten to place where you no longer take your self so seriously and you know who you are. What a great feeling. You also still feel like you are 40 when you are 60 which is awesome! The discouraging part of this age is that I find most women saying,  "I can't wear that, I'm too old." And maybe what they are saying is that I don't want to wear that, and that is OK - but then say that. Don't limit yourself because of your age. The more you start to tell yourself you are too old the more you will start to believe it. So, if you have great legs, great arms, shoulders...you name it - then show them off if you want to. Always remember to comfortable and confident in your own skin, its any look from nice to unbelievable in no time.


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