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We've Seen It All Before and It Was Good    Top Summer Trends & Steals

We've Seen It All Before and It Was Good Top Summer Trends & Steals

If you grew up in the 70's, 80's, 90', or 2000's then you've seen it all before but gosh we love nostalgia. So what better way to celebrate our youth than to bring back some of the greatest trends from decades past. SS16 in 10 words: details, sleeves, backs, textures, hems, simple, practical, comfort, and breezy. And we haven't even talked about prints. I am a child of the 80's and I can't even say how fun this season of fashion has been. It's like being able to go back in time and experience all the fun fashions with more vision, confidence, and style. And now I get to pick out my own outfits and not mom. (Sorry, mom)

So I wanted to break down some of this summers biggest trends, what pieces will stick around, and what trends to invest in. Also, I put together a collection of my top picks from online retailers Zara, Nasty Gal, and My Own PoshMark Closet and more on a super fun Pinterest board (link here).

Beautiful Shoulders & Sleeves

Spring and summer have been shining the subtle beauty of the shoulder and collar bone. Whether you love the soft cut-out of an exposed shoulder or the draped off-the-shoulder look its in and it makes me so happy. I have always loved this ultra-chic look and it brings beauty and sex appeal in a modest and feminine way. If you have broad shoulders I would suggest going for the off-the-shoulder look and be careful with ruffles as they can sometimes add to much bulk in the arm area. 

Embroidery, Patches and Pom Poms

Although texture and embroidery were big in the fall we are seeing that same trend carried into spring and summer but softer and brighter with repeating floral patterns, middle eastern jewels, geometric patterns and pom poms. On the other hand we are also seeing a comeback of patches and flair (and your TGI Fridays kind of fun flair). Think late 90's early 2000's grunge band patches and cool kid bomber jackets. This is the kind of trend that may not stick around so invest wisely and spend less on these items. 

Practical, Simple Comfort is Bae

As a millennial I grew up watching women in magazines and in movies strap on those dainty stilettos to do just about anything. I always thought to myself....really that can't be practical. Well turns out, it wasn't and women around the world are screaming "No more". And the decade of sneaker reign began. Comfort hasn't just happened with our feet but athleisure has now become a thing and work-out wear is now transforming into street style. So, grab your nearest sneaker, t-shirt, leggings, and bomber jacket and get out the door. Or go for some of the fun simple clean basics that are big this summer (restock the basics). 

Cut-Outs, Sheer Panels, Crochet & Exposed Backs

This is just another way to bring up the sex appeal. Nothing says sexy than keeping things to the imagination, am I right! So there are some really great ways to incorporate this trend and mixing it with others. Love cut-outs in the sleeves and waists of dresses, tops, and swimwear. Mixing this trend with a floral print or embroidered sheer dresses. I am also loving all the crochet this season. Whether you love simple and chic white crochet or full 70's colorful rosettes I've got you covered. 

Its All in the Details

True statement. And every piece this summer will have some level of detail that its predecessor did not. Sure there are plenty of classics that are in like the trench coat, nautical stripes, and classic sandals but street style bloggers are pairing them with some unlikely accessories, shoes and handbags. Metallics, platforms, lace-ups and block heels are in for shoes. Structured & rigid bowling bags are back, along with the upgraded bucket bag. Adorning bags with fun pom poms, jewels, and scarves is a continuing trend. Ohh and the sunglasses have only gotten cooler. This season flat wire sunglasses dominate with mirrored lenses and funky frames. Put away the classics and splurge on a few trendy budget pairs. 

So if you are starting to plan your summer wardrobe wishlist I hope you find this helpful. Links to all the products shown in this post can be found on the Sweet Summer 2016 Pinterest board. 


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